Changes to Doctor Who (Article)

If you were put in charge of Doctor Who for the next series, what would you change to make it more like the classic series?

Here’s a few things I’d do:
1. Considering TV takes a long time to produce nowadays, the show would probably still be 13×45 minute episodes. So, to bring back the cliffhangers, I’d make it a Season 22 format with 5×2 parters and 1×3 parter. 

2. Get rid of the soppiness!! The Doctor does not need to snog every single woman he meets (particularly not the companions!) Neither do they need to fancy him. He’s an alien that’s centuries old, it’s very wrong for him to be getting it on with humans. Emotional is fine, some of Doctor Who’s best scenes have been heartbreaking e.g Jo Grant’s departure, but stop with the kissing!

3. Destroy the Sonic Screwdriver. I do love the Sonic Screwdriver don’t get me wrong, but when it’s used to get The Doctor out of every situation, it gets tedious, repetitive and annoying. This would also help to get rid of some of the weaker writers and their lazy escape plans. 

4. More science, even if it’s made up. There is endless scientific possibilities that can be created for alien civilisations and species and Doctor Who needs more of it again. “Timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly” is no way to explain the situation. It feels very patronising too. Even if the Doctor came out with some scientific gobbledygook, that would be great because, after all, it happened with quite a lot of Tom Baker stories and it gets the audience’s imagination flowing. 

5. More alien planets please. While I like the odd episode set on Earth; past, future, or present; we don’t have as many alien planets as we used to. The whole point of the Doctor travelling with companions is so he can show them (and us, the audience) the wonders of the universe; not the city they were so desperate to leave 3 stories ago!

6. Finally, drop the story arcs. Some of Doctor Who’s story arcs have been very successful; Season 12’s loose arc, the Key to Time and even Bad Wolf, however plot twist after plot twist after plot twist gets incredibly boring and confusing and the individual episodes end up being very sloppy. You don’t need to have a story arc every series (or even over multiple series) to make a good show. All you need is good writers; a script editor who knows their continuity; a crew with a creative vision; and a cast with passion, and love for the fans.



3 thoughts on “Changes to Doctor Who (Article)

  1. Agree 100% Also bring back the real Jon Pertwee type Silurians (not ones with tits, human faces and mini-skirts),bring back the Sea Devils and the yeti, have a proper Nestine monster (huge Lovecraftian job) and i’ve allways wanted a Dr Who story that explores the orginis of dragon legends.

  2. I love this list. I agree with it all except for the sonic screwdriver. I would like to see a lot less of it but not destroyed.

    I feel like they don’t even try with the science sometimes which is unfortunate and a little lazy on their part.

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