Classic Companions Who Deserve Reintroduction (Article)

Capaldi and Fielding

Ever since the return of Sarah-Jane Smith in School Reunion, all the way back in 2006, I’ve been routing for the reintroduction of classic companions. With 2013 being the year of the 50th anniversary, I was rather hoping for some to return in the special, alas there wasn’t a classic companion in sight. While we were treated with the return of both Jo Grant and the Brigadier in the Sarah-Jane Adventures, it would be nice to see some more return to the main show. Here are my top seven…

7. Peri and King Yrcanos (Nicola Bryant and Brian Blessed)
Last seen in Mindwarp (Trial of a Timelord parts 5-8), Peri, at first believed dead, married Brian Blessed! The thing about these completely insane warrior royalties is that we don’t really know what happened next. We never saw King Yrcanos’ kingdom, we never saw them flying off around the universe; we never saw what they did next. So it would be cool for the Doctor to possibly land on Yrcanos’ planet and bump into the warrior queen Peri and her… assets.

6. Susan (Carole-Ann Ford)
“One day I shall come back, yes I shall come back.” One of the greatest lines in Doctor Who history and yet, he still hasn’t gone back. Considering he said this almost 50 years ago now, even longer in terms of the Doctor’s age, it would be a wonderful, beautiful and emotional scene the moment the Doctor steps out of the TARDIS to be reunited with his granddaughter.

5. The Eighth Doctor and Companion (Paul McGann)
After seeing Paul McGann return in the Night of the Doctor last year, looking even more like the Doctor than he did before, the internet erupted insisting he returns to the main show in a crossover episode with Capaldi; and I have to say I am completely on board this bandwagon. What would be even more interesting is if he appeared with one of his Big Finish companions, Charley Pollard (India Fisher), maybe Lucie Miller (Sheridan Smith)? This would settle the Big Finish debate and canonise every audio adventure ever recorded (and possibly even increase sales).

4. Jo Grant (Katy Manning)
After seeing Jo Grant come back in a Sarah-Jane Adventures story alongside the Doctor, it left me wanting to see more of the adorable, clumsy and lovely Josephine Grant we all can’t help but fall in love with. Now we know that in the present day she’s travelling the world, we could have an adventure somewhere exotic rather than London, maybe the Amazon or a foreign city, New Delhi for example. We also know she’s got a bag full of odd and exotic natural tools, so why not let Jo Grant save the day once more?

3. Tegan Jovanka (Janet Fielding)
I have to admit, before seeing the photo of Capaldi and Fielding together, I didn’t really think about Tegan. However, now I have, I can’t help but think it’s a brilliant idea! Tegan’s exit was one of the most heart-breaking and shocking in Doctor Who history, so for Tegan to suddenly bump into the Doctor would be very emotional for her, and for the viewers, and I’m already imagining its beauty…

2. Leela (Louise Jameson)
I went to a convention in my home city of Plymouth earlier this year where I met the wonderful Louise Jameson. We did a question and answer session with her where one of the questions was asking if she’d return. Her answer was yes with no hesitation and she started telling us all about what she thinks Leela would be doing right now, including having a large family and getting rid of Andred! Having discovered that Gallifrey is still out there, surely this is the perfect excuse to bring Leela back? Louise Jameson was particularly happy with the Gallifrey revelation because she thought she would not be able to come back; she also mentioned that she thought Capaldi was the perfect choice for the Doctor. Perhaps she’s the one to write her comeback story?

1. Ace (Sophie Aldred)
Hopping from convention to convention, Sophie Aldred loves her job and Doctor Who will always be a massive part of her life. So, if she’s decided she’ll always be Ace, why don’t we bring her back into the show? Apparently, Russell T Davies had planned to bring Ace back for the Sarah-Jane Adventures, just like Jo Grant and The Brigadier before her. Unfortunately, Elisabeth Sladen’s untimely death meant the world lost a great woman and a great show, alas Ace could not return. However, Aldred continues to do Big Finish audio adventures as Ace and is obviously in love with playing her. So, let’s bring her back! Ace had so much potential and is most likely doing something amazing right now; and I believe it’s time the Doctor found out what!

That concludes this week’s article but, one more thing before I go; Ian Chesterton, chairman of the governors at Coal Hill School, where the Doctor’s current companion works? Hmm…


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