Showcasing the Soundtracks of Doctor Who

Delia DerbyshireThis week is perhaps less of an article and more of an interactive list, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. Rather than babbling on about why each soundtrack is amazing and making up some rubbish on how different instruments are used for different effects, I thought you’d prefer to let the music do the talking.

I have attempted to put the soundtrack pieces in some sort of order, however there are so many I have left out that I really wanted to put on the list. Whether or not the lists are my actual top 15s doesn’t really matter though, what does matter is the fact that the 30 tracks below showcase just how good (and important) the music of Doctor Who really is. Enjoy!


15. Mawdryn Undead Suite (Skip to 10:20)
Paddy Kingsland, Mawdryn Undead

14. Here’s to the Future (Skip to 4:18)
Keff McCulloch, Delta and the Bannermen

13. The Caves of Androzani (Alternative Suite) (Skip to 29:04)
Roger Limb, The Caves of Androzani 

12. The Ambush (Skip to 9:24)
Tristram Cary, The Daleks

11. Warriors of the Deep Suite (Skip to 20:08)
Jonathan Gibbs, Warriors of the Deep

10. Remembrance of the Daleks Suite (Skip to 9:17)
Keff McCulloch, Remembrance of the Daleks

9. Survival Suite (Skip to 29:30)
Dominic Glynn, Survival

8. The Seeds of Death Titles (Skip to 23:32)
Dudley Simpson, The Seeds of Death

7. The Five Doctors Suite (Skip to 14:38)
Peter Howell, The Five Doctors

6. Space Adventure Pt. 2 (Skip to 24:42)
Martin Slavin, The Tenth Planet

5. Three Guitars Mood 2 (Skip to 2:21)
Derek Nelson, An Unearthly Child

4. The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (Skip to 14:50)
Mark Ayres, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 

3. The Curse of Fenric Suite (Skip to 22:56)
Mark Ayres, The Curse of Fenric

2. March of the Cybermen (Skip to 5:06)
Malcolm Clarke, Earthshock

1. Resurrection of the Daleks Suite (Skip to 24:02)
Malcolm Clarke, Resurrection of the Daleks 


15. Onwards
Murray Gold, The Big Bang

14. The Master Vainglorious
Murray Gold, The Sound of Drums

13. The Carrionites Swarm
Murray Gold, The Shakespeare Code

12. The Stowaway
Murray Gold, Voyage of the Damned

11. Rose’s Theme
Murray Gold, The End of the World

10. The Daleks
Murray Gold, The Parting of the Ways

9. The Master Suite
Murray Gold, The End of Time

8. Love Don’t Roam
Neil Hannon, The Runaway Bride

7. Song for Ten
Neil Hannon, The Christmas Invasion

6. Father’s Day
Murray Gold, Father’s Day

5. The Cybermen
Murray Gold, The Age of Steel

4. Tooth and Claw
Murray Gold, Tooth and Claw

3. Midnight
Murray Gold, Midnight

2. The Time of Angels
Murray Gold, The Time of Angels

1. All the Strange Strange Creatures
Murray Gold, Gridlock

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