Doctor Who’s Funniest Moments


Over the course of the past 50 years, Doctor Who has made us laugh on so many occasions. While most stories aim to make us scared, maybe sometimes cry, dotted around are moments of hilarity that will make you laugh out loud even if you’re by yourself. There are so many moments I could include on this list from both the classic and the revived series’, however I thought I’d share with you ten videos of moments that made me laugh the most. If I’ve missed out your favourite funny moment then please tell me in the comments below…

“What Do You Mean Maybe?”

I begin my list with this short scene from The Time Meddler. There were a few scenes I tried finding for this list including Barbara’s “No not that awful noise, the other one” when talking about the Doctor’s singing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find these clips by themselves without scanning the entire episodes on Dailymotion for them. Thankfully, I could find a space helmet for a cow; don’t you just love the 1st Doctor?  

Photograph Time

While the main funny bit of this clip is definitely the Doctor leaping and almost galloping away from the Cybermen, the thing I love most about this scene is how the UNIT soldiers are running towards the building to destroy the radio transmitter control while the Doctor just sits in the middle of them all… having his photo taken! 

2nd Doctor Compilation

A compilation of the 2nd Doctor’s (and the best Doctor’s) funniest moment. The first one with the Ice Warriors is a particular favourite of mine and the one where Jamie snatches the telescope is hilariously subtle. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the scene from The Mind Robber where the Doctor builds Jamie’s face wrong, so you’ll just have to buy it on DVD instead! 

The 3rd Doctor Meets the 2nd Doctor 

Do I need to explain how funny this one is? Patrick Troughton is my favourite Doctor and the bit where he asked how the song went… that was it! I just couldn’t hold back the laughter!

“I Like Your Handbag”

The Green Death is such a brilliant story in so many ways. Scary, funny, gripping, and one of the most devastating ever broadcast. This scene however comes out of nowhere and lands right in front of you amidst the seriousness and issues brought up in the story. Mike’s face when he exits the lift is rather amusing too.

“I Say, What a Wonderful Butler” (Skip to 1:42 – 5:11)

No one has ever made a funny moments of Doctor Who list without including City of Death. It is almost definitely the funniest story of all time. The 4th Doctor’s witty lines that almost don’t make sense run throughout the four episodes making for continuous laughter. If you haven’t seen City of Death; a. Why not?, and b. You should! It deserves its title as one of the best stories of all time and you’ll see why when you watch it. 


40 outtakes both classic and new, worth watching for Sylvester McCoy’s hilarity as well as his awesome friendship with Sophie Aldred offscreen. It seems there was quite a lot of mucking about on the sets of Survival

“Her Ankle’s Going”

Out of the three clips, the first one was more annoying than funny but the second is funny and the third laugh out loud hilarious. I love Jackie Tyler, come the end of Series 2 maybe more than Rose herself. Her interactions with both Doctors were brilliant and never fail to make me smile. 

The Doctor Meets Donna… Again

A lot of fans find this scene/story silly but this episode holds great memories for me, more than others just because it was a wonderful end to a wonderful day. It’s because of that that this scene has stuck with me ever since. We were all expecting the Doctor and Donna to find each other at some point in the episode, but I never dreamed of it being as funny as this!

Series 7 Compilation

I’m not the biggest fan of the 11th Doctor’s era but for me, while it seems I may be fairly alone in this opinion, Series 7 was my favourite of Smith’s series’. Sometimes the jokes from his time on the show could be a bit too childish/cringeworthy for me, however Series 7 was actually quite funny in places. I laughed out loud at the Cold War laugh imitation.


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