I’m an amateur writer with nothing but love and passion for Doctor Who, new and old. I’ve been watching ever since the revival in 2005 and I’ve been running ever since…

Ever since I was 7, Doctor Who has been my life. Oh the money I’ve spent on merchandise, conventions and DVDs must be well into ¬£triplefigures, but every single penny was worth it. I’ve got soundtracks, books, DVDs of episodes broadcast in 1963, DVDs of episodes broadcast in 2013; the lot, for I’ve got 50 incredible years to catch up on.

Onto the blog itself. Every week, I will be posting articles on Classic Doctor Who, New Doctor Who, a bit of both, or anything inbetween. As I am still in the process of building up my DVD collection, DVD reviews will be a major feature. Polls will be posted regularly too to find out what’s popular with fans and what’s maybe not-so (I’m very into my stats!).

So put your brainy specs on, grab your umbrellas and scarves and step inside the TARDIS for anyone is welcome to read, participate or even debate.


Lewis, 16

P.S I must warn you, I may be quite generous with my scores…


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